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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a feature that easily enables you to get fresh content delivered directly to you whenever an update is made on any of the favorite sites you select. you subscribe to an RSS feed, you eliminate the need to surf the entire Web to find the information you desire. Instead, you will receive the headlines and summaries of topics that interest you in one convenient location. Should you want to read more on a particular item, you simply click the link to access the full story. RSS uses XML (extensible markup language) to share and distribute content. RSS feeds are often denoted by an orange RSS or XML box.

Getting RSS Feeds

There are a number of ways you can receive one or multiple RSS feeds from Canon. You can install a news reader (also referred to as an aggregator) that shows the RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to that also allows you to view all the headlines pulled from your favorite web sites.

Some of the most compatible browsers for receiving RSS feeds are Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, which integrate RSS feeds directly. Others, such as My Yahoo!, Google, My AOL and My MSN allow you to add RSS feeds directly to their personal page.

Once you’ve selected the method most convenient for you, simply go to the Canon feed you would like to subscribe to and proceed by doing any of the following:

  • Click the red “Subscribe” button next to the feed
  • Manually copy and paste the URL that appears when you click the “RSS” button. Note: if you click an RSS link but do not have a reader installed, you will see XML code in your browser
  • Click your web reader (i.e. Yahoo, Google) from the selection provided to add to your personal web page

RSS Readers

Several good news readers are available, with more options surely on the way. While many are free of charge, some require payment. Other differentiators include the way a news reader works on a specific operating system and whether it can integrate headlines into your email. Also, web-based readers require no additional software. For your convenience, a list of providers is available below, although the choice between them and any others you discover is entirely up to you.

Supported Browsers: IE7, Firefox, Safari (Mac).
Supported Sites: Google, My Yahoo!, My MSN, My AOL

Feed Subscription Announcement:

The RSS feed for Canon U.S.A. has changed.

To continue receiving notifications by RSS, please update your RSS feed subscription by using the links to the right.

We appreciate your continued subscription.