Empower 2014 Can’t-Miss Speakers: Workflow Edition

Empower 2014 Can’t-Miss Speakers: Workflow Edition

Written by David Ng


If our Office Hacks series  has inspired you start a self-imposed quest to strive for utmost efficiency in the workplace, you’re going to want to be first in line to hear these speakers at Empower 2014. The focus of their presentations is Laserfiche Workflow, and Laserfiche Workflow’s focus is efficiency.

Meet the Workflow Champions:

  • Amy Johnson (Hanover County, VA) and Mike Wells (Chesterfield County, VA) are teaming up to share when to use Laserfiche Workflow and when to use Laserfiche Quick Fields.
    CC118: Customer Story: Quick Fields vs. Workflow Smack Down
  • Adam Galvan (Edgewood ISD) will share how the complete implementation of Laserfiche and Laserfiche Workflow within his organization allowed a paper-free environment.
    EDM107: Going Paperless Enterprise Wide with Laserfiche
  • Bob Allen (Frisco ISD) explains why Laserfiche Workflow is the core component of his enterprise information management strategy and how it impacted nearly 6,000 employees and more than 60 separate locations.
    EDM108: Business Automation in 18 Months
  • Doug Miller (Canadian Seed Growers’ Association) shares the secrets behind the 50+ workflows he has built for his organization and how the improved business processes revived the association.
    BPM113: Smart Workflow Designs to Grow Your Company
  • Robert Sobie (Eaton County, MI) explains how streamlining AP processing improved county-wide operational efficiency.
    BPM114: Streamline AP Processing with Workflow
  • Claire Maurer and John Barragan (Girard Securities) share how and where to start with Laserfiche Workflow.
    BPM115: Mapping a Workflow Strategy

These Laserfiche champions will be sharing dozens of Laserfiche Workflow ideas, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn from their success.

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