Empower Interview with Colette Vienneau

Our annual Empower conference is full of technical training on the newest Laserfiche products and updates, but what if you’re not in IT? If you’re involved in business management, project implementation or operations, there’s plenty to learn at Empower. Here’s what Colette Vienneau, Payment Center Coordinator at Caisses populaires acadiennes in Canada, has to say about her experience at Empower 2013.

What was most memorable about Empower 2013?

Colette Vienneau, Payment Center Coordinator

It was undoubtedly the launch of Laserfiche Forms and seeing its potential for our organization. Since Empower, we’ve implemented Laserfiche Forms and used it to automate our employee expense account process. Our developer worked directly with Laserfiche during implementation and Laserfiche has released new functionalities in Laserfiche Forms that we requested. It’s nice to see that a company works with us to assure that the product answers our needs.

What tips and tricks did you learn at Empower that you were able to implement? How did they impact your job or organization?

The session “Get Started with the Laserfiche SDK” allowed me to see what we could do to customize the software. With our SDK, we upload information into our accounting software and disburse expenses into our staff accounts.

If you were talking to someone in your role at another organization, what piece of advice would you give them for taking advantage of the conference?

Participate in sessions that demonstrate business process solutions. I attended a session about credit unions that were using Laserfiche for loans applications. Based on these case studies, my organization created a workflow for receiving and approving mortgage applications.

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