Factors that Affect the Life of Your Business Copier?

Investing in a business copier is not for the fainthearted. These machines demand a high premium and you must be prepared to shell out some of that cash if you want to acquire one for your office. While you may opt to go for a copier lease San Francisco or to purchase one outright, the fact remains that the total cost of your lease or purchase would run in thousands of dollars. To make every penny you spent in a copier truly worth it, better make sure that your copier will last you for a long time. Certain factors could affect how long your business copier will last. 

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Brand New/Refurbished/Leased 

There is no denying that a brand new copier will have a higher chance of lasting you for a good number of years as compared to a refurbished one. The latter would mean that a previous owner has already used the copier and you might not even have an idea as to the manner that it was used. Was it well-cared for? Did it receive the proper maintenance from the previous owner? These questions must be answered so that you will know what you’re getting into. Such issues will not be a cause for concern when you purchase a brand new one, which has not undergone any kind of wear and tear. On the other hand, if you would purchase a refurbished unit, then you should manage your expectations when it comes to the life span of the copier. The same will apply when you opt to lease a unit, unless if the equipment is still brand new upon leasing. 

Frequency of Maintenance 

Maintaining your copiers would be another factor that could affect how long your machine would last. Frequent maintenance checks will ensure that even the smallest issue found on your equipment will be addressed right away. This would prevent the small problem from becoming a huge one. Hence, this will also help in getting your equipment to run optimally. Normally, if you lease the copier, maintenance is automatically done by the lessor. Just make sure that this aspect is clearly stated in the lease agreement. On the other hand, if you purchase a copier, you need to look into the warranty. There are certain parts of the equipment that are placed under warranty and of course, its performance should likewise be under warranty. 

Output Volume 

Some copiers can produce up to 50,000 copies per month. Others could produce less, which could only mean 1,000 copies per month. The copier which produces less number of copies would also be working less as compared to one that ranges up to the level of producing tens of thousands of copies. It is highly advised that offices whose monthly output is not that voluminous could settle for small copiers. On the other hand, an office with more than 30 employees who constantly need to print or make copies of documents might require high volume copiers. Failure to opt for the latter when the requirement is high could take a toll on the copier and could hasten wear and tear. 

These are the primary factors that would affect the lifespan of your copy machine. One basic rule is to secure the right equipment that could match up to your needs at the office. Determine your volume requirement and find the corresponding copy machine. If you have the budget, it would be good to purchase a brand new one. However, you could always opt to lease a copier if your budget will not permit you to shell out thousands of dollars at the outset.