How to Save on Your Brother TN221 Toner Cartridges

Brother TN221 Toner Cartridges

Brother TN221 toner cartridges is a set of four laser toner cartridges consisting of Brother TN221BK black toner cartridge, Brother TN221C cyan toner cartridge, Brother TN221Y yellow toner cartridge and Brother TN221M magenta toner cartridge. These Brother laser toner cartridges are compatible to Brother digital color laser printers and multifunction centers (MFCs): HL-3140CW, HL-3170CDW, MFC-9130CW, MFC-9330CDW and MFC-9340CDW. It has printing page capacities of 2,500 pages for monochrome printouts and 1,400 pages for colored printouts.

OEM Brother TN221 toner cartridges cost in the market around $294.99 and yes it may appear quite pricy especially if you are in a small business and is aiming to cut costs on all possible ways there is. That’s why, for today’s article, we’re going to name some tips on how you can save on your Brother TN221 toner cartridges and save a possible part of your printing budget on more important matters.

  • Using compatible toner cartridges

Compatible Brother TN221 toner cartridges are alternative printer cartridges for your Brother laser printers and MFCs, HL-3140CW, HL-3170CDW, MFC-9130CW, MFC-9330CDW and MFC-9340CDW. These are brand new cartridges but cost lower in the market since they are manufactured by third-party companies that does not and cannot own the brand or use it for marketing purposes. These compatible laser toner cartridges can save you as much as 50% and the good thing is they are guaranteed to deliver high quality printing and printing page capacity on par with OEM toner cartridges. Just make sure you buy them from a trusted online printer supplier.

  • Using Secure Function Lock Feature of your Brother laser printer or MFC

Brother included an eco-friendly feature on all Brother laser printer and multifunction centers known as the Secure Function Lock. This feature allow the admin to “set color page counts or restrict color printing for up to 25 users” thus saving and helping in cutting the usual printing costs. The admin can also monitor the documents being printed and can set the amount of toner being used in each printouts.

  • Adjusting the Printer Setting

Another tip to save your Brother TN221 toner cartridges is to adjust the printer setting of your Brother laser printer or MFC. You can always switch to Economic Mode so that when the printer is in use, it will print using the minimal amount of toner on unimportant documents like drafts and save the toner powder on professional documents such as reports, worksheets, presentations and brochures. You can also switch the printer setting to Gray Scale every time you would print monochrome documents alone.

  • Distributing the Toner Powder Inside the Cartridge

Lastly, you can extend the life of your Brother TN221 toner cartridge by distributing the toner powder inside the cartridge every time the printer notifies you that your cartridges are already low on toner. You can do this by simply taking out the laser toner cartridges from your printer and holding the lever and gently shaking it side to side to distribute the toner powder inside. Using this method, you can save yourself from buying new Brother toner cartridges for a short period of time.

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