Laserfiche 9.1 Now Available

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Published: December 18, 2013


Laserfiche is pleased to announce the simultaneous release of Laserfiche Avante and Laserfiche Rio 9.1, including Server, Client, Web Access, Workflow and Forms, in English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish. This release contains numerous new features, as well as the latest fixes and significant performance enhancements.

  • Laserfiche Web Accelerator. Laserfiche 9.1 introduces Laserfiche Web Accelerator, a new Laserfiche Web Access component included with Laserfiche Rio that improves performance in Laserfiche Web Access by distributing resource-intensive processes. Laserfiche Web Accelerator acts as an intermediary between Laserfiche Web Access and the Laserfiche Server, performs resource-intensive processes such as image processing and stores images for rapid retrieval by Laserfiche Web Access users.
  • Laserfiche Server and Full-Text Search. In Laserfiche 9.1, we have adjusted our text search to make it more intuitive, and more in line with search functionality that users are already familiar with in web browsers and when searching in Windows. We have also expanded the functionality of the Laserfiche Full-Text Indexing and Search Engine to include annotation and metadata information, allowing users to take advantage of full-text search features when searching for these types of information. We have also introduced support for additional algorithm options for encrypted volumes and digital signatures.
  • Laserfiche Forms. The 9.1 release introduces a number of new features to improve the way you administer and work with Laserfiche Forms. The new My Reports page allows process administrators to grant other users access to customized views of process results. New time-based events in the Process Modeler allow you to start a process on a particular date or schedule, delay a process flow, and set deadlines on user tasks. The new participant user type provides a great way to grant authenticated access to users who might start and participate in processes but not administer them. With the Save to Repository service task, you can send a form submission to the Laserfiche repository of your choice, determine its location and assign process and field information to its metadata. Finally, with direct approval enabled, you can now perform user tasks by replying to the task notification email, so that users can submit, approve and reject forms and participate in processes without having to log in to Laserfiche Forms.
  • Laserfiche Workflow. Laserfiche Workflow 9.1 introduces Laserfiche Workflow Web; use a Web browser to search for workflow/business process definitions and instances and view workflow details and metrics. This release also includes new activities that allow Laserfiche Workflow to create calendar items in Microsoft Exchange and iCalendar-compatible client programs, parse XML documents and access Laserfiche version control information. New business process functionality includes setting runtime checks of field values and tags on the starting entry. Other new features include sending email notifications for terminated workflows, supporting temporary Laserfiche server and repository name change redirects, and retrieving additional entry properties in the Find Entry, Find Entries and Search Repository activities.
  • Laserfiche Web Access. Laserfiche Web Access includes several new features and usability enhancements, including column multi-sort and quick search in a specific folder. Column multi-sort allows you to sort your folder browser or search results columns using multiple criteria. With folder-specific quick searching, you can limit the results of a quick search to the currently open folder and its subfolders.

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