Office Hacks: 3 Quick Tips for Improving HR Efficiency

Office Hacks: 3 Quick Tips for Improving HR Efficiency

Written by David Ng


The human resources department doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting help when help is needed. Every day the call for a “new person” goes unanswered is another day of falling behind.

Here are some quick tips and tricks from Laserfiche’s in-house HR team that you can use to improve efficiency and keep things moving in your organization!

Using mail merge for nametags
Most HR folks already know about Microsoft Word’s mail merge feature and probably already use it for addressing envelopes. But if there’s a big event like a career fair or orientation coming up where nametags are needed, mail merge can come to the rescue and help you print off dozens or hundreds of nametags straight from a database like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.

The Laserfiche HR team going the extra mile to engage with prospective candidates.

Engaging applicants during career fairs
Don’t just accept resumes with a trite “thank you” or describe your company with a rehearsed elevator pitch. Engage with interested applicants and learn as much as you can about them as you can. When you’re back at the office, you’ll realize you’ve already done all the preliminary screening and know exactly who’s on your shortlist to contact.

Using Outlook’s “signature” function
There’s no question that HR sends out a lot of emails. Correspondence can range from career fair planning to updating your current employees with the latest revisions to their benefits. Outlook’s handy “signature” function that is usually reserved for your signature can also be used as templates or outlines for entire emails.

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David Ng is a writer at Laserfiche

David Ng is a writer at Laserfiche.

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