Tech Tip: Copying a Folder Structure

Tech Tip: Copying a Folder Structure

Written by User Education

Published: January 27, 2014


By: Connie Anderson
Technical Writer

It’s often useful to be able to reproduce a folder structure from one folder into another. For instance, you might need to create new set of folders for a new employee, with the same structure of application, interview notes, acceptance notification, and open enrollment documents. It can be tedious to create the folders  by hand, but copying a set of folders from another employee isn’t appropriate because you don’t want to copy the other employee’s documents. Instead, you can choose just to copy an existing folder structure. This allows you to easily reproduce standardized folder structures.

To reproduce folder structures

  1. In the Laserfiche Client or Web Access, select the folder structure you want to reproduce.
  2. Right-click and select Copy, or select Copy from the Edit menu.
  3. Navigate to and select the folder structure’s new location.
  4. Right-click and select Paste Folders Only.
  5. You will be prompted to confirm the copy. Click Yes to continue.
  6. The folder structure will appear as a copy of the original, without any documents in the folders.

Note: You must have Create Folders rights to reproduce a folder structure. Rights assigned to any folder within the structure are not copied to the new location.

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