Tech Tip: Empower 2014 PowerPoint Presentations on the Support Site

Tech Tip: Empower 2014 PowerPoint Presentations on the Support Site

Written by User Education

Published: January 30, 2014


By Sarah Seene, Technical Writer

Laserfiche offered over 150 distinct courses at Empower 2014. The PowerPoint presentations for many of these courses are now available on the Laserfiche Support Site. Revisit the slides from a course you took or explore courses you weren’t able to attend!

How to access Empower 2014 presentations

  1. Log into the Laserfiche Support Site.
  2. Click the “Presentation” link on the right side of the support site.
  3. Click the presentation you want to open.
  4. The presentation will immediately begin downloading.
  5. Open and enjoy!

How to get the most from Empower 2014 presentations

  • If the presentation is stored in a Zip file, explore the contents of the Zip file. This file includes the PowerPoint presentation plus supplementary materials, such as notes, videos, handouts, etc.
  • Check out the “Notes” section of the PowerPoint presentation. Many presenters included additional explanation for each slide in this section.
    Explore the Resources slide at the end of the presentation. This slide lists other relevant courses as well as additional help resources and CPP classes.
  • Search the support site for the PowerPoint presentations for the courses listed on this slide.
  • As always, Laserfiche offers a wide variety of options for further learning, including:

Empower 2014 was a huge success this year. We hope you will continue to expand your Laserfiche knowledge throughout the year, and we’re looking forward to see you at Empower 2015!

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