Tech Tip: Introduction to Laserfiche Mobile for Android

Written by User Education

Published: January 14, 2014


Laserfiche Mobile enables you to capture, upload, and securely access and work with documents inside your repository, all while on the go. You can browse for documents in a folder structure; search the entire repository; create, copy, move, rename, download, and delete documents; modify document fields; view and start business processes; capture geographic coordinates of an image; email entry links; and upload new documents. You can do this all from your iPhone, iPad, and now, with the release of  Laserfiche Mobile 9.1, your Android phone or tablet!

Laserfiche Mobile for Android has been specifically designed for Android, giving it a clean user interface and making use of the Android capabilities.  For example, swiping right in any folder displays a navigation menu and long pressing any entry displays a context menu. This makes it quick and easy to organize and work with your documents.

Below are screenshots of the Android app’s functionality.

Folder Browser

Folder Browser Options

New Document

Document Options

Business Process Details

Fields and Geotag


Note: This widget is unique to the new Android app. It lets you upload camera photos, gallery images, and documents all from your Android’s home screen.

Want to play with Laserfiche Mobile? Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and register for a demo account using an email address or Laserfiche Support site account. You can then explore our demonstration repository filled with Empower 2014 information, information about Laserfiche Mobile, Laser Investigators documents and more!!

For more information, see the Laserfiche Mobile for Android 9.1 online help files.

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