Top Two Secrets of This Year’s Top Digital Cities Winners

Written by Katie Burke


The Center for Digital Government and the National League of Cities recently released the results of the Digital Cities Survey and named 19 Laserfiche customers on the list of top-ranking cities! We’d like to congratulate all of the winners on this tremendous honor.

So what exactly did these top digital cities do to earn the accolades?

Transparency and Open Government

Open data in the spotlight!

The first priority of survey respondents was transparency and open government, with open data in the spotlight. Cities can use open and interpretable data to make more informed decisions and better analyze opportunities and challenges in their operations. Some local governments are tackling this challenge using tools such as:

In addition to better internal decision making, this open government approach could lead to a surge in citizen engagement, such as local-level hackathons, and ultimately economic growth. A TED talk by Beth Noveck, former deputy CTO at the White House, emphasized the importance of this priority, noting that “like the leaf, we must let the nutrients flow throughout our body politic, throughout our culture to create open institutions, to create a stronger democracy, to create a better tomorrow.”

Enabling the Mobile Enterprise

Increasing focus on mobility and the mobile workforce

This year, top digital cities have also increased their focus on mobility and the mobile workforce.  According to the survey, 50 percent of responding jurisdictions felt they are in a good place when it comes to mobile policies and practices.

Many Laserfiche customers are among those looking to mobilize business processes. We’ve heard local governments talking about:

As mobile technology continues to develop, we’ll see government services leading with mobile-first information capture and delivery, with city hall as a last resort.
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Katie Burke is the Government Program Strategist at Laserfiche

Katie Burke is the Government Program Strategist at Laserfiche.

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