10 Highlights from the Day 1 Keynote at Empower 2014

Empower 2014 got its official kick off on Wednesday morning in Anaheim, California. Karl Chan, CTO of Laserfiche, introduced the most exciting new features and functions in the Laserfiche suite to a packed house. Here are 10 highlights from the Empower 2014 Day 1 Keynote.

A Vision of the Future

Before anyone took the stage, the keynote started off with a short and sweet video showing the Laserfiche vision of enterprise content management, business efficiency and growth.

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Empower 2014 Hit the Max

If you didn’t know that Empower 2014 was a sold out event (the first in Laserfiche history), you could definitely tell once the keynote started. Seats were filled from the front row to the back, and the energy of Empower floated through the spaces in between.

Users Were Front and Center

Melissa Henley, Director of Marketing Communications at Laserfiche, began the keynote with a few shout outs to Laserfiche customers, including the Canadian Seed Growers Association and the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

Enhanced Online Capabilities

“We understand that the web is the conduit to your business. It’s the channel through which you do your work. This means we’re extending our entire product suite online, even our traditional desktop products.”

–          Karl Chan, CTO, Laserfiche

A New Version, a Simpler Interface

With Laserfiche Web Access 10, users can customize dialog boxes, panes and interactions to see only the information they want to see.

“We are trying to make it more usable, more responsive, with better flow, so it’s easier for you to find information and do your jobs. We are trying to keep items you don’t need out of your way—to give you features and functionality where you need them and when.”

–          Justin Pava, Technical Product Manager, Laserfiche

Laserfiche Mobile for Android is Here!

Now users can access Laserfiche Mobile on Android devices as well as iOS devices—hooray!

“Business can’t stop just because someone’s away from their desk. You need to support many different ways for your workers to talk to each other and work with each other.”

–          Karl Chan, CTO, Laserfiche

There’s Something About Larry

“Doesn’t every organization have a Larry? The veteran who knows everything, the expert in the company with very specialized knowledge . . . how do we access this information? How do we locate these experts?”

–          Karl Chan, CTO, Laserfiche

Karl Chan introduced Laserfiche Answers, a new product for collaboration and communication, with an interesting anecdote that everyone in the audience could understand. He’s right—every organization has a “Larry,” and now Laserfiche users have a tool for harnessing the years of knowledge stored away in the minds of experts.

You Can Approve a Tweet with Laserfiche?

Audience members had a lot of fun with this use case for Laserfiche Forms 9.1. Over 30 people submitted tweets which went through an approval process and almost instantly appeared on a Twitter community page for Laserfiche.

Try it yourself! bit.ly/lftweet

Tammy Kaehler and Karl Chan demo Laserfiche Forms 9.1, complete with tweets!

Truly Actionable Products

Before the keynote speech was even over, attendees were able to download Laserfiche Mobile on iPhone and Android devices, activate their Laserfiche Answers accounts, submit tweets through Laserfiche Forms and download a PDF of the conference program.

Epson Debuted its Fastest Scanners

The Premier Sponsor for Empower 2014 finished off the keynote with a look at its latest and fastest line of document scanners. One of the models can scan up to 3,000 documents a day—that’s a lot of paper that no longer needs filing.

“Don’t be that last unconnected area. Tell us what you need. I promise we’re listening.”

–          Karl Chan, CTO, Laserfiche
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