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9 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Small Business Copier

 If you have a small business copier, you should know the proper maintenance. When you have a small business copier, it’s not enough to have the best model of the copier machine, and you should also have an idea of how to troubleshoot it. Copier problems shouldn’t be ignored because the productivity and efficiency of your work depend here.

To help you out of your frustrations, we gathered nine little-known factors that you should know as these could affect your small business copier. Check out our list below to save yourself from all the trouble. As they always say, prevention is better than cure.

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There are small business copiers that require a specific type of paper. Make sure that you are using the correct type of paper for your small business copier. Feeding your business copier the wrong kind of paper can lead to paper jams which will cause a delay in our work. So, always check the type of paper that you use before operating your small business copier.


Your small business copier needs a toner to start operating. If you get the wrong type of toner for your cartridge, it might cause a copier problem. The same thing will happen if you forget to check on your toner. If it’s too low, the quality of your documents will be affected. Some small business copier needs a specific type of toner, so always be mindful before putting toner into your cartridge. The size of the toner also matters. If it doesn’t fit the cartridge, don’t force it because you might break it.


You might be wondering why your printed document sometimes has a lighter or darker shade. This issue has something to do with the density level of your small business copier. Density level is in charge of how light or dark your printed documents should be. So, if your printed copies have an imbalance shade, you can check your copier density level. You can adjust the density level by changing the density control to high-quality mode.


      Like any machine, a copier machine also needs time to rest. One of the reasons the copier breaks down is because it’s being overused. Business copier machines need a little rest after long days of work. It’s just like people. When we are overworked, we get sick, which happens to our machines. If it doesn’t have enough time to rest, it will overheat, causing some malfunctions. If you use it without rest, it might print a torn document. So make sure that your copier machine is well rested before using it. Always set it to energy-saving mode when not in use. When no one uses it during the weekend, it’s better to turn it off.


A copier with dirty surfaces like the scanner surface of mirrors can also lead to a copier problem. So, make it a habit to wipe your copper surface before and after using it.


Before operating your copier machine, make sure there aren’t any foreign objects around like paper clips, staples, rubber bands, and any small things that might cause paper jams or malfunction to your copier machine. 


Every copier machine has an output tray. This tray moves as you copy documents. Putting heavy objects close to it might damage your copier machine. If there isn’t any space for the output trays, they might get damaged, so put away any heavy objects from your device.


Pushing certain buttons multiple times might break your copier machine. Remember that even if you push it a lot of times, it will not copy faster. 


Avoid feeding your copier wrinkle paper. Wrinkled paper happens when a bunch of paper sits in copier drawers for a long time. They tend to stick together. So, if you haven’t used your business copier for a long time, check the paper first before using it. 

A small business copier is expensive, so we should know how to take care of them to avoid wasting our money. If you don’t know the proper maintenance for it, the copier machine won’t last long, and you might buy a new one. Knowing how to troubleshoot some copier problems will save your day. So make sure you follow our guidelines to protect you from misery and money.