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Factors that Could Affect Your Business Copier

Nothing is more frustrating and stressful than seeing your printer and copier break down. Technology makes our lives easier and more efficient, but it also gives us a stressful and long day if it starts acting up. Having the best copier and printer is good, but do you know how to fix it when everything goes wrong? Do you know the most common problems with copier and printer machines? You may be familiar with these problems, but did you know that you can fix these by yourself instead of sulking in the corner? Yes. You can, and we’re here to guide you. We’ve listed some typical copier and printer problems and their solutions. So, take a deep breath and continue reading.



We’ll begin our list with the most cause of our stress, the paper jams. This problem is the most common problem that we all encounter every day. There are different reasons for this problem. You may have put the wrong size of the paper, or you might have to load it improperly, or a part of the machine is clogged by dust. Whatever the reason is, as this is the most common device error, it’s also one of the most manageable problems to solve. Just open it manually and remove the jammed paper, check if there are any clogged parts, try to put the paper correctly, make sure that it’s the right size, then try to reload it again. To avoid getting paper dust into your machine, wipe it regularly after use.


Another frustration these machines give us is when our document has visible lines on paper that shouldn’t be there. This happens when the settings of the printer and copier are not set correctly. So, to fix this issue, check the printing quality, and make sure it’s in the high-quality mode. If there is nothing wrong with the setting, try checking the cartridge. The most common reason for lines to appear on our paper is when the ink cartridge is low and loaded incorrectly. Before printing or copying again, clean the glass using a soft dry towel to avoid the ink smudges on your paper.


You may have noticed that the cartridge is running too fast when only a few people are using the machine. So, try to solve the problem by removing the cartridge and shaking it gently to distribute the toner well. If you did this, but it still shows the low toner warning, try replacing it with a new one. It might appear below in toner. But if none of these works, the cartridge might already be malfunctioning. It can be a manufacturer error where you can ask for a replacement or incompatibility issues and check if the toner you used is compatible with your machine.


There are times when you copy or print your document where one side is too light, and the other side is too dark. This happens when the toner is too low, or there could be dust on the glasses that makes them darker. You can also check the settings as someone may have changed it without letting you know, making the copy too dark or light. If the toner is low, try replacing it with a new one, then reset the settings to its best solutions.


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Problems are always there, it may be frustrating, but it’s something we cannot change. So, instead of stressing yourself, it is always nice to find the best solutions. When it comes to technology, as much as it helps us, it also gives us a lot of frustrations when it’s not working. Knowing the right thing to do during these times can save us from having a bad day at work.