Associated Grocers Explains Why It Pays to Keep Coming Back to Empower

Written by David Ng


Faron Kraemer
Associated Grocers, Inc.

What was most memorable about Empower 2013?
The most memorable thing about Empower 2013 was being at a conference with more than 1,000 people who genuinely wanted to learn as much as they could about Laserfiche. That energy was absolutely incredible!

What takeaways/tips and tricks did you learn at Empower that you were able to implement?
We have a recap sheet that summarizes what is to be paid for each administrative expense. There’s a version that’s generated from our purchase order tracking system and a separate manual version for expenses that don’t require a purchase order. Depending on which version was used and which printer it was printed on, the header information shifted. This frequently caused Laserfiche Quick Fields to incorrectly read the vendor number, PO number and invoice number, so these fields had to be corrected more times than not.

The problem caused a lot of wasted time because fields had to be manually corrected. There were also times when it read “bad data” and inserted it in the fields, and the user didn’t catch it. This caused documents to be stored in incorrect folders and made some documents hard to locate at a later date.

At Empower 2013, we realized that Pattern Matching was the solution. We set up Pattern Matching once we returned home, and it worked perfectly. Pattern Matching was the missing piece that allowed us to finally complete the workflow and automate a very tedious process. Without that one “aha moment” at Empower 2013, we would still be doing it “the old way.”

If you were talking to someone in your role at another organization, what piece of advice would you give them for taking advantage of the conference?
I would encourage anyone attending the conference to take advantage of the various social settings to try and network with others. It’s amazing when you share your experiences and discover how similar your job, needs and problems are. Who knows, you might have solutions to each other’s problems!

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