The Best Classes to Learn Workflow: An Attendee’s Tips for Empower 2014

Written by Katie Oberthaler


The numerous Laserfiche product training classes at Empower 2014 Conference can be a goldmine for users who want to learn a specific skill or how to use a certain product.

Andrea Rumsey, Technical Librarian for Cougar Helicopters Inc., came to the 2013 conference to learn about Laserfiche Workflow and how to manage her company’s system upgrade. She offered us insight on the most helpful classes she attended to achieve those goals and tips for getting the most of the jam-packed three-day event.

What was your favorite class and why?  

The Laserfiche Workflow lab classes were my favorite. Getting Started with Workflow and Intermediate Workflow Design provided me with hands-on experience with the software and how the system works.

What classes would you recommended to someone who is thinking about upgrading or expanding their Laserfiche System? What’s something that you learned that helped you manage your company’s system upgrade?

The classes that I would recommend to someone who is thinking about upgrading or expanding their Laserfiche system would be the class What’s New in Laserfiche and any Coming Attraction courses for different Laserfiche features such as Laserfiche Workflow or Laserfiche Forms. These classes give the user an oversight into what features are available and how they can improve their current system.

What are one or two things that you learned at the conference that you were able to put into practice in back at the office?

Here at Cougar Helicopters Inc., Chris Dillon from the IT Department and I have been implementing workflow processes over the past year. These processes can be very tedious and complex and without the information that the conference courses provided me, I am not sure that I would have had the knowledge to participate effectively. Laserfiche Workflow has been beneficial to Cougar Helicopters Inc. by automating some of our processes which in turn made them more effective and efficient–ensuring fewer mistakes.

What was the most memorable about last year’s Laserfiche conference?

I have to say that the “Event Night” was the most memorable about last year’s conference. The entertainment was fantastic. The gentleman who impersonated Stevie Wonder was amazing along with Tina Turner. Also, the different food stations were delicious.

If you were talking to someone in your role at another organization, what piece of advice would you give to them for taking advantage of the conference?

There would be a couple of pieces of advice that I would give to an individual who is new to the conference:

  1. Take advantage of both the breakfast and the lunch. For the most part a Laserfiche representative is seated at every table. This gives you a good opportunity to get a little one on one. To ask questions.
  2. Take notes in class. Although the presentations are on the website, sometimes the instructor can give some good advice that the presentation don’t include.
  3. Go to “Event Night.” It’s a great way of networking. The entertainment is fantastic along with the food.

As a returning attendee, what are you looking forward to learning or doing at Empower 2014?

I am looking forward to learning more about Laserfiche Forms and Workflow. Cougar Helicopters Inc. has just introduced Laserfiche Forms and it will be nice to get the training and information that we need to use this product to its full potential. I am also looking forward to receiving more training in workflow processes. Since we have been working with this software for a year now, I am more familiar and will be looking for certain things and asking questions about things that seem to stump us.

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Katie Oberthaler Katie is a writer on the Marketing Communications

Katie Oberthaler Katie is a writer on the Marketing Communications team at Laserfiche.

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