Having Color Printer In Your Office Is A Smart Move

Color printing has always maintained this impression that it is costly. Over the decades, that certainly has changed drastically. It is a fact that color printing is no longer as expensive as before. It is actually very affordable these days, and many printers offer a wide range of prices for that. Businesses in Boston are very competitive. This means that only the best of the best makes it to the top. Color printing is one small way to get there. Ask dealers of copiers and they will recommend color copiers for you. They always suggest you make a copier lease for machines that are worth this much. Copier leasing color printers or copiers is just one wise choice as why stick to just monochrome when your business could use some rainbow?

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Here are more business reasons why color printer is just what your office needs:

It is cost-efficient

Color printing is no longer as costly as most people think. Color printing is actually even more cost-efficient than monochrome printers these days. Why? This is because many offices really need color printing at least once in a while. We are in the digital age where creative graphics or texts are widely used even in the business industry. This means your copier or printer has to adjust for that.  After all, you are a business in need to survive changes over time.

Color printers are more budget-friendly because it allows you to have an in-house printer for whatever color of print you need. Having an in-house black and white printer that still makes you run errands outside for occasional color printing doubles your expenses. Color prints outside cost more than you will ever spend in an entire week almost if you have your own color printer.

The machine may come a little more expensive than the black and white one. However, its yield and long-term economic advantage is for keeps. Ask your copier lease San Francisco dealer for better copier lease deals that can get you one of these color printers. Copier leasing can help you with all these budget worries you should not be worrying in the first place anyway.

No ink smears for you to deal with

Ink smears are a big office printing problem. This problem presents a solution of reprinting which adds to expenses, doubles the effort, and wastes your time altogether. Ink smears are only a thing in monochrome printers though. Color printers have a better cartridge setup that prevents the occurrences of ink smears. This makes color printers a good investment as it gives you the great finish you know your business deserves. No reprinting for you. The only way is more and more output.

Larger and heavier with printing duties

Laser printers may take a little bit to warm up but once it is all set, it can print as fast as 50 pages per minute. And add to that they print color outputs at that rate. This means that color or not, color printers can perform with the best speed possible. It has a bigger capacity on its paper tray as well. This is why not only do they provide color, they assure productivity as well which monochrome printers cannot completely have.

If you are an enterprise, you do not have time to still with little yet problematic printing issues. Monochrome printers come with a lot of these. Get a color printer that will not bother you with printing anomalies but shock you with printing glory instead. Color printers are indeed a good investment in this sense.

Some consider color printers just for color print matters. Adding this heavy duty performance just makes it the perfect printer investment.