Copier lease is a binding contract or agreement of copier rental between you and the leasing company where you get your copy machine. Modern offices have been engaged with this kind of agreement and have come to terms with the reputable leasing companies due to the latter’s offered services – 24/7 Staff Assistance; Regular Maintenance Schedule and Repair Services, short-term or long-term options, and the like. 

If you’re still having second thoughts on delving into a copier lease agreement, then this article is for you. Read more as you discover how copier leases work, and unveil some gray areas in your mind. The following are steps to understand how copier leases work.

Be prepared and get familiar with some terms and clauses in the copier lease.

Lease term. This is the years or period that you agreed to pay for the copier while using it. Lease terms may vary from 24 to 60 months, or at most, three to five years. Longer terms may mean lower monthly installments, but they are more expensive than the total payments for the shorter term if you sum it all up.

Lessee and Lessor. The lessee refers to you – the client of the contract lease, while the lessor relates to the leasing company of your copy machine. In a contract lease, you will find the responsibilities of both the lessor and the lessee.

Payments. Your payments will depend on your chosen term. The fee is the divided amount of the total principal amount of the equipment plus the interest added to it by the leasing company or financing company. 

Rebate. Reputable companies offer rebate programs or promotions to attract their potential customers. This is also an advantage to you as a lessee since a significant discount will save a certain amount of your money.

Warranty. In your copier lease agreement, you will find the warranty coverage of your copy machine. You can also ask your provider to expound it for a clearer understanding. Some copy machines are found to have factory defects. The equipment warranty shall apply to an incident or cases like that.

Automatic Renewal. Automatic renewal refers to the continuation of your contract automatically – right after the end date of your lease contract unless, otherwise, you informed the financing company of your intention to return the equipment before the expiration date of the agreement. Your failure to notify them is a confirmation of automatic 12-month renewal.

Make sure to set a reminder or notification alarm once your contract’s expiration is fast approaching. Notify the lessor at least one to two weeks before the end of your contract.

Buyout option. Most lessors allow a buyout option to lessees. Despite its catchy and attractive sound, it would still cost you an additional amount on your monthly dues. A wise move is to take the offer at the end of the lease. At least by then, you can see the current condition of your copier, and you won’t regret that you opted to go on with the buyout. 

Insurance surcharge. Insurance protection for your equipment is normal to be part of the lease agreement. However, you can avoid an insurance surcharge if you can state or explain clearly to the lessor that you do have an insurance policy that covers the equipment. 

Be careful with hidden charges and calculations. 

Leasing companies often offer additional equipment to your chosen copier. Be careful when accepting this kind of offer; always check the lease agreement for a hidden rate increase or surprise payment clauses for the value of added copy machines. Examine or Recheck your lease agreement for shipping terms in the contract and the corresponding rates as well.

Choose your lessor wisely.

Always seek for random checking of reputable and trusted companies in the market. Do not be deceived by other companies that offer enormous discounts but charge hidden rates. Go for budget-friendly copiers that can still do the tasks intended for them.


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How copier leases work will be simple for a prepared lessee. If you want to dig deeper about the lease agreements or prefer an in-depth tour – both an intensive and extensive one, you may opt to check out the net for various trusted brands and leasing companies with multiple schemes on the contracts. Surely you will get the answers you want, and you may also opt to enter into a copier lease.