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How Savvy Engineers Choose Wide Format Printers

Choosing a wide-format printer is no walk in the park. It’s a decision that should be made with care and consideration, as it has a big impact on how your business operates. In this blog post, we will discuss what features you need to look for when choosing a wide-format inkjet printer and list some of our favorite brands.

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What are the features and key features of wide-format printers?

When choosing a wide-format printer, it is important to consider the features and key features of these machines. Many factors come into play when making this decision: media compatibility, print speed, cost per page (CPP), machine durability, user interface preferences, etc. To get an idea for some good brands to explore further check out our blog post on The Best Wide Format Printers .

Wide-Format Printers have a larger print area than most regular-sized printers. They can produce posters, banners, vehicle wraps, and other signage. Some models also feature additional capabilities such as scanning or copying, allowing them to be used for more than just printing out documents. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that will allow you to save both time and money on projects then it’s worth considering investing in a Wide Format Printer.

A common feature is having a print controller on board so that your computer isn’t required to send out information every time you want something printed. This saves time especially if someone does not have their own dedicated graphic design software or CAD program installed. Some brands offer Mac compatibility as well with drivers available through their site. Another popular option is being able to access different file formats directly from your phone using an app like HP’s Design Jet Connect Mobile App. For more options look into what Epson has available since they also provide great results at impressive speeds comparable to other large models! A lot of printers are available with wireless capabilities but some might not be compatible with your computer’s Operating System. If you own a Windows, macOS, or Linux device then it is more than likely that you will have no issues finding an Epson-wide format printer to fit your needs. These machines also tend to last much longer than the average inkjet model without breaking down on their users!

What are the benefits of wide-format printers to engineers?

The biggest benefit here is flexibility in what you can create with your company’s branding or design work. What would be better than walking up to a large display at trade shows or client meetings with your logo prominently displayed behind glass? On top of being able to do more creative projects, you can also save time on projects because it is faster to print out single pieces instead of having large runs created at a copy shop.

What are some good brands of wide-format printers?

EPSON has several models of fast large-format printers for demanding projects in widespread use by graphic designers and engineers. EPSON made sure these printers work perfectly with different operating systems so customers won’t have compatibility problems after buying one. Many people can benefit from owning a wide-format printer at home too – artists, gamers, architects, etc.

Fun fact: the majority of print professionals choose Epson over other printer manufacturers for their reliability and output quality. However, Canon is also a great choice due to its easy integration with third-party products such as scanners. HP’s lineups tend to be on the more expensive side, but offer an excellent balance between price and performance – which makes them perfect for demanding projects that require high-resolution printing. Brother offers devices targeted towards small businesses however they often stand out thanks to being very energy efficient. This means not only will you save money on your electricity bills every month, but it’ll also help reduce environmental impact by using less power overall.

How do savvy engineers choose wide format printers?

Savvy engineers know that they need something reliable at their workplace – this is where Epson shines with its vast range of large professional-grade devices designed specifically for office use.  They are fast, efficient and will consistently deliver high-quality results.

There are many features that savvy engineers look for in wide-format printers, but the most important ones include speed, print resolution levels (dots per inch or dpi), connectivity capabilities like USB ports, and how much memory the printer has to store images. Engineers also take into account what type of media is supported by a device – some prefer roll-feed machines while others want devices that can handle various types of paper at once. For demanding projects that require high-resolution printing, Brother offers devices targeted towards small businesses however they often stand out thanks to being very energy efficient.