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How to Fix Black Lines on Copies

A business faces a lot of problems every day. Suppose you are in a copying business or printing company. In that case, you want to make sure your copies are neat and clear to assure the client’s satisfaction. 

If ever you have encountered a black line in your copies, there are many factors that you have to consider. It doesn’t automatically mean that your copier is broken. Sometimes it just needs cleaning. 

These little problems are really bothersome because they become annoying. Nevertheless, here are some pointers on what you check on your copier if you encounter this problem.

Let’s get into the details. 

Take a look at the Original Size and Quality.

Maybe you are hallucinating, or the black lines are from the paper only. You can be sure by comparing your most recent duplicate to the one you currently have and checking if there are really new markings present.  

If you are sure there is something going on, you need first to check the glass of your copier. 

Clean the Glass Properly

Clean the copier glass. Do this properly by utilizing a glass cleaning item and not just any piece of cloth and water. All rollers and belts ought to likewise be cleaned. Moreover, it should be plate vacuumed to guarantee dust isn’t conveyed onto the glass. 

Copiers with a record feeder tend to move beyond a small region of the report glass. As the first move, an isolated spot of residue in this space will cause a line on the duplicate. While making every copy, consistently guarantee the first is totally dry, including any revision liquid and pen markings.

How to Fix Black Lines on Copies

Clean The Under Part of the Glass Too

It is also essential that you clean your glass underneath. As you know, the bottom part is what takes the photo. If it has dirt, you will automatically have a dirty copy or a copy with faint lines. 

Residue can gather on the underside of the copier glass, on mirrors, and on scanner components. Cleaning this region generally requires some dismantling of the copier. You need the help of at least an experienced person who cleans copiers.

 Open regions ought to be cleaned or vacuumed. Keeping the copier in a clean, non-smoking part, involving excellent quality paper for duplicates, and being cautious while adding toner can lessen dust inside the machine.

Clean or Change Toner Printers

A copier that utilizes toner to print has a few regions where lines can be presented, for example, the exchange drum, fuser, crown wire, and rollers. These are sensitive and require special procedures to clean. 

Also, these might be individual parts, remembered for a print cartridge or an upkeep pack. Beware of fake toners that cause dark lines on your copies. If you feel like your toner is the problem, change your supplier. 

Cleaning Inkjet Printers

In addition, there is generally a product routine to clean the cartridges, and cleaning the cartridge’s electrical contacts can determine printing issues.

A few copiers have a switch or slide-out handle to clean inside parts; work this routinely too. It is not easy to clean printers as they have different styles and are built. You can always make sure to open latches and locks by looking at your copier’s manual. 

Final Say

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Dark lines are most often settled by cleaning or replacing some parts. In short, it is fixable and doable. 

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