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Office Copier Breakdown: Here’s What Not To Do

Technology breakdowns are inevitable… and most often untimely. As much as we need our technology to last long, it has its own limitations. Office machines often at points that are needed the most; you have piled up documents to photocopy and the copier just stopped working, the paper jams or the ink are smudged or worse, it does not open at all. 

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We know how much work we depend on the office technology, and how much work would be pending if it does not work well for the day. In this article we will be discussing common problems that cause the breakdown of copier machines and what NOT to do on the verge of this situation.

Now if you are at lease, having office copier breakdowns can easily be fixed by the leasing company you signed a contract with. They usually bring technicians to fix any machine you borrowed from them. However, if your company bought and owns it, it is tempting to fix it on your own thinking you could save time, money and other resources if you try. But as easy as you think it is, this move is not recommended at all. 

Fortunately, the good thing about copiers is that they are usually easy to solve. Nevertheless, things may become costly, especially when you make trial and error in trying to troubleshoot it. 

The list goes on for different types of breakdowns and troubles for copier machines, but the following are the most common breakdowns that we may encounter on a day to day basis. Note that this is the list that is not recommended to do.

  1. Error 1: Do not forcing the copier to work even after the breakdown

It is common that we try to push the button again and again to produce copies when obviously, it has an issue to be addressed. But this is very hazardous to do and may result in even more trouble because of the pressure you are putting for the machine to work. The first thing to do instead is to determine where the problem may root from. It may be because of the cables being not intact for the copier to work. 

  1. Error 2: Do not unplugging the Copier thinking it needs rebooting

This is also a major mistake that we often resort to when the machine does not work as it is. We try to unplug the copier thinking it needs to restart when it starts to malfunction. But this seemingly rational thought is not really helpful. If the machine is still connected to the power and it’s not working, the problem is more likely internal and not power-related. 

The multifunction printers contain hard drives and copiers too, just like computers. The sudden breakdown or total shutdown may cause damage to the hard drives or negatively affect the copier’s hardware. So you may properly shut it off by waiting for the power button to turn off after pressing it once. When the lights or signals are off, you can unplug it now from the power-socket. 

  1. Error 3: Do not try to fix the issue when you are not trained

There is obviously no harm in fixing the basic problems like paper jam alone, or trying to troubleshoot the issue without bothering others for help. However, you should avoid the more complex repairing process, which involves disconnecting cables and parts when you are not trained enough. At the end of the day, it is always better to call professionals if you have no idea troubleshooting office machines such as a copier.