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Spending Too Much On Printing

Reducing printing waste has become a part of every business’ goal. Reports show that 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on printing jobs. Each year, employees are printing out, on an average more than 10,000 pages. It has also been observed that 47% of this number came from unnecessary printing of emails. If this sounds like the situation in your office, you will have to see the importance of monitoring printer usage in the office or check other options like renting copiers. There is a way to lessen these expenditures; you can reduce the cost your employees are wasting away for unnecessary printing.

Printer usage needs to be monitored and audited regularly. If you have been too lenient about this matter, then you have typically allowed your employees to throw away the company’s money. But how do you know if you are over spending on printing?

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Have you provided them with individual desktop printers?

Back in the days, when the company was still on its early stages, you have probably provided a printer or two for everyone’s printing tasks. Eventually, when you brought in more people and added more departments, you also provided them with their own printers.

Inkjet printers are very costly compared to using a shared multifunction printer. Employees may raise a few issues with a shared printer like the distance of it from their desks or the privacy concern for confidential documents, but it will benefit the company in the long term perspective.

Remember when one of your inkjet printers got into trouble? Keeping more of these will only lead to a stockroom full of broken machines and useless cartridges.

Have you been printing everything?

Maximize your resources. You do not have to print all your memos and instructions every time. Instead of throwing money on unnecessary prints, make use of the email system or keep them in one file and store it in a desk. Advise your people to keep copies of memo on their email for their reference and avoid printing them out. Anyway, they can always access it anytime if they need it.

Have you been providing color ink and toner?

Whether you are using the shared or the desktop printers, the use of color ink and toner is costing a lot of your printing budget. It is cheaper to have your prints in black and white because printing in color will cost you 5 times more.

Have you been buying your supplies only as needed?

The thought of just buying supplies when needed seem to be practical but buying them in bulk is definitely the way to save on costs. Retail prices look very affordable because they are designed to be that way. Try gathering all your receipts from last year’s purchases and calculate how much of the budget was spent for your printing supplies. Now, check those shops were you bought them and ask for their bulk prices. You will be surprised with how much you had wasted. Also, you will have to consider the amount of time and energy wasted on each trip.

Monitoring your printer usage is the key to saving money. If there is no cost allocation for purchasing printers just yet, why not resort to renting copiers? This will give you the data on how much is being printed on a daily basis from which printer as well as the user behind the task. Remember, you do not need to print everything out; only those that are necessary.