Tech Tip: Universal Capture and Laserfiche Capture Engine Updates in Laserfiche Quick Fields

Written by User Education

Published: October 17, 2013


By Misty Kalousek
Technical Writer

Laserfiche Quick Fields is an automated batch capture tool that lets you identify, extract information from, and automatically store documents in a repository.

Quick Fields allows you to capture documents from different locations (scanners, network drives, etc.) by providing multiple scan sources. Two of these scan sources, Universal Capture and Laserfiche Capture Engine, have been redesigned for a better user experience. In the previous version of Quick Fields, both scan sources had multiple configuration dialog boxes. In version 9.0, each one has been consolidated into one dialog box. Additionally, both scan sources offer several new features!

Universal Capture

Universal Capture scans documents already stored on your computer or network drive and can be configured to capture both images and electronic files (e.g., PDFs).

Aside from its new design, Universal Capture now lets you include PDF form field values in the text that is extracted from the PDF form.

Note: The extracted PDF form fields will be at the bottom of the Text Pane. If you want the Text Pane to display the field text in its actual location, generate images for each page of the PDF form and OCR it (which will take a little longer).

Laserfiche Capture Engine

Laserfiche Capture Engine lets you retrieve documents from a Laserfiche repository, process them with Quick Fields, and store them back in a Laserfiche repository.

Similar to Universal Capture, Laserfiche Capture Engine can now include PDF form field values in the form’s extracted text.

When searching to retrieve entries from the repository, there is a new option to Include variations of root word in full-text searches. Using this option will return documents containing words in the text that come from the same root word as the search term (e.g., “swim” will return “swims,” “swimming,” etc.).

When retrieving entries from a repository based on their field values, the number of field value conditions has been expanded. For instance, you can retrieve entries from the repository that contain a field value that starts with specific letters, is greater than a certain value, does not contain a certain letter, etc.

For more information about these scan sources, see the Universal Capture and Laserfiche Capture Engine topics in the Quick Fields 9.0 online help files.

Learn more about this functionality in CC114: What’s New and What’s Next in Quick Fields at Empower 2014.