How to Save on Your Brother DR-210CL Laser Drum Cartridges

Brother DR-210CL drum

Brother DR-210CL laser drum cartridges is a printer consumable used by Brother laser printers and multifunction centers, Brother HL-3040CN, HL-3070CW, MFC-9010CN, MFC-9120CN and MFC-9320CW aside from its Brother laser toner cartridges, Brother TN210 toners. The Brother DR-210CL laser drums has a printing page capacity of up to 15,000 pages and should be placed before the Brother TN210 toners. These drum cartridges are the one responsible of transferring the toner powder from the laser toner cartridges to your paper thus making the printing process possible.

Always keep in mind that when you own a Brother laser printer which uses a separate Brother toner and drum cartridge that it is important to check the drum once in a while for maintenance purposes. The average install life of an imaging drum unit last for only three toner cartridge replacement, after that, you need to replace the drum unit. Most printer users make the mistake of replacing the toner cartridge when it is actually the laser drum unit that is needed to be replaced. For the Brother DR-210CL laser drums, an OEM version of this laser drum cartridge can cost you around $115.00 to $129.99. But there are ways to save on your Brother DR-210CL laser drums and one way is to use remanufactured or compatible Brother DR-210CL laser drum cartridges that only cost $85.00, saving you $30.

Remanufactured Brother DR-210CL laser drum cartridges are refurbished used or empty OEM Brother drum which means that each are inspected and worn parts are replaced with new parts to guarantee that they will work properly with the Brother laser printers and MFCs compatible with them. Aside that it saves money, switching to remanufactured Brother laser drum cartridges also lets you contribute in reducing the usual carbon footprint emission caused by everyday printing. It also lessens the amount of thrown-out drum cartridges that end up in our landfills and take years to decompose and adds up on the land pollution.

Another tip to save on your Brother DR-210CL laser drum cartridges is to extend the life of this printer consumables by tweaking up some setups on your printer for necessary printouts. Such one is by turning on the duplex-printing mode of your Brother laser printer and multifunction printer that commands them to print on both sides of the paper thus reducing the work done and the pressure put on the Brother DR-210CL drums thus extending its life. These two tips are the best way there is to save on your Brother laser drum cartridges and still get the best out of them.

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